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Machine Listening & Perception

- Modelling and codifying human auditory perception -
- Embedding acoustic-intelligence in wearables, mobile, IoT -

Autonomous Sound-Scene Classification

- Sensor networks for sound-scene analysis of urban and rural environments -
- Auditory descriptors, classifiers, and acoustic signatures -

Assistive Listening & Hearables

- Auditory enhancements on wearable form-factors -
- Linking brain electrical activity with hearable control parameters -

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- Multimodal Interfaces -

- Perceptual and cognitive constraints in immersive computing -
- Multimodal frameworks for mapping multidimensional data -


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Dr Flaithri Neff (Director & PI)
Dr Malachy Ronan (PI)
Dr Eoghan Neff (PI)
Dr John Greenwood (PI)

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Ronan O'Dea
Rokaia Jedir
Joe Fitzpatrick
Tom Brophy
Mike Gavin
Ricard Pinsenschaum

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Dr Dónal Fitzpatrick (DCU)
Mr Dave Murphy (UCC)
Dr Ian Pitt (UCC)
Dr Linda Butler (Hibernia)
Dr Patrick Felicia (WIT)
Dr Tracey Mehigan (UCC)
AES - Ireland Section
Limerick City & County Council

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Dell Technologies
Emdalo Technologies
Logitech Inc
Ierne Ltd
Inplicity Ltd

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- Posters & Presentations -

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If you are interested in our research, or would like to talk about collaborating with us, please contact Dr Flaithri Neff by ObscureMyEmail.

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